As cool as it can be, being a freelancer takes a real toll on your spiritual, existential, and home mentality. Working at home, without any kind of meaningful social interaction, can be absolutely draining on any human, especially the creative stereotypes that comprise our professional grid.

However, things don’t have to be that way: At least, not all the time. There are plenty of steps you can take to ensure your home office environment is carefree and enjoyable, even with a mountain of work waiting on you. Top of the list, though:

Remember That You’re Doing What You Love: There are people out there digging ditches for a living because they have to. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. But no matter how you slice it, being a freelancer is a dream job for many, and (we hope) you, too. You’re in the field you love, being creative constantly. Enjoy the fact! When you start to feel stressed, just remember that you’ve built a career doing something you’re passionate about, and that’s a fact to be proud of, no matter what.

Change That Desktop Wallpaper!: One of the easiest things you can do to alleviate stress in the home office is change your computer’s desktop wallpaper. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s a matter of association. How often do you stare at the same screen when stressed out over a project? Over time, that image garners a lot of feelings of frustration and anxiety. Solve this by simply removing it. Natural landscapes are a godsend, as are pictures of family, friends, or even yourself.

Be Near Natural Lighting: Another easy step you can take to alleviate stress is position yourself near a source of natural lighting—that’s a window, you lot. The human body is designed to respond to Vitamin D, which is found in spades within the sun’s rays. It makes you healthier, happier, and more productive. With that in mind, why would you not want the benefits (as well as the view) associated with a window seat? If there are no windows near you go for a walk often! If you feel unbelievably anxious, get up, leave the computer, and enjoy life as it is. You can thank us later.