At long last, we’ve reached that point that you’ve all been waiting for. You see, we’ve covered everything else there is to know about an online site builder from a designer’s perspective, including what the technology actually is, who it is intended to be used by, why it should be used, and exactly what benefits come with it. But we have yet to dig deep into the real nitty gritty of the scenario—we have yet to drop you any names to look up and use. We’re going to correct that oversight now.

  1. SquareSpace: We absolutely love SquareSpace. It appeared on the market a few years back, and ever since it’s been providing our designer peers and colleagues with all kinds of useful features. It is by far the most easily modified of any site builder we know, which means you can use it to quickly layout a website, and then access directly the CSS to add additional, more complex changes as needed. This makes SquareSpace simply the most powerful online site builder we know of, and best of all, their prices are extremely competitive to boot. If you haven’t tried them out yet, they also offer a fortnight long trial for you to give their feature set a go.
  2. Moonfruit: Another one of our absolute favorite online site builders is Moonfruit. They’ve been around for a while now, and they offer about as many features and customization options as SquareSpace. Best of all, there prices are also quite spectacular, on both the hosting and actual toolset front. However, it’s their unique dedication to universal performance that makes them downright cool. When you create a site with Moonfruit, you’re not just getting a single hosted IP address. You’re also getting a site that’s immediately ready for mobile use, as well as Facebook shopping. Yes, you can layout your entire site exactly as you want it to look on the Web, and Moonfruit will do the rest—modifying the code and design to work on both Facebook and Mobile Platforms without you having to lift a finger. That’s really cool, and considering both platforms can drastically increase your revenue and performance, it’s invaluable.