Imagine St. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. You have already found the ideal gift for your sweetie and perhaps will congratulate your friends and relatives with postcards. But what you should do with your clients and colleagues? Will you congratulate them or not?

One significant advantage of congratulations is wow-effect. Christmas or New Year business gifts and souvenirs is a common practice. And on St.Valentine’s Day you can really stand out. One of the best gifts for that date is an awesome T-shirt, designed in a corporate style.

What are the key benefits?

– T-shirt is not typical as a gift and not expected like a box of chocolate and wine. Plus T-shirt is closely associated with your company

– T-shirt is suitable for everyone despite gender and age

– You can customise your gift and make it really personal and valuable, connected with the history of your previous relationships

– If your T-shirt is really cute, it’ll be worn with pride, transmitting the values of your company to the public


There are 2 main types of people who deserve T-shirt as a business gift

Your employees and co-workers, members of one club

– The corporate style T-shirt is a good way to show that all of you are the one team, each of you is the member of the Major League teams. The main aim here is to make a T-shirt with your team spirit, with your company principles and corporate values that distinguish you from others. Not just “a T-shirt with your company logo”

– That’s really beautiful and unites you into one great team. It’s just a fun and an appeal to the public at the same time

– That’s convenient and practical

– T-shirt is a part of the company which will always be with a person. That’s great when people wear your corporate T-shirt in the office, but the best acceptance is when they wear it as ordinary clothes for a walk

– The great corporate T-shirt is one of the ways to show your respect and appreciation to all those people who are working with you, to maintain their loyalty and take care of them. T-shirt with a star is a great sign that each of them is a real star for you; t-shirt with abstract patterns highlights your special corporate atmosphere and team spirit.

If you do your corporate T-shirts in the right way and don’t make shirts as walking advertising poster of your brand the impact can be really significant. The corporate spirit increases as much as the team performance. Even psychologists say that people in corporate clothing will feel a sense of pride and a desire to work better. What is more, it’s a sign that your company is a great place to work in, when your employees wear something with a corporate logo

Design For Corporate T-shirts

Design For Corporate T-shirts

Your partners and beloved clients

– When the T-shirt is of a good quality and looks good – it’s a pleasure to wear it. And it is double pleasure to receive it as a gift on unexpected occasion like St.Valentine’s Day. That will give your customer a sense of importance for you and increase his loyalty. And when people let you do something for them (send a gift, for example) it makes them feel grateful and more tolerant to small inconveniences.

– When your customers share your brand values, they will wear your T-shirt with pride, showing their confidence to you as a company. They became your brand ambassadors to their friends and relatives. This has a positive effect on your image and brand recognition. It is a marketing trick which brings you customers’ loyalty. If you don’t have good relationships with some company, you aren’t going to wear a logo of it, correct?

An awesome T-shirt created in a corporate style will be an excellent present to your customers or partners. That gift can strengthen their loyalty, form a positive and favorable attitude. As a bonus that increases brand awareness and consideration among their friends.

Designed T-shirts For Clients

Designed T-shirts For Clients

T-shirt is a great gift; be sure it will be used, not trashed. But what is really important to form a great impression is to make your gifts unique, beautiful and showing your corporate spirit. Your T-shirt should evoke the desire to wear it, not to hide. It shouldn’t be just a T-shirt with the logo, but something more personal.

We have gathered a small collection of awesome T-shirt designs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Designed Corporate T-shirts For Inspiration_1

Designed Corporate T-shirts For Inspiration_1

Design Of Corporate T-shirts For Inspiration_2

Design Of Corporate T-shirts For Inspiration_2

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