Understandably, you graphic designers are most picky about your online portfolio. Your website and portfolio are the very ground on which you work, and without a comprehensive way to view or show-off your design conquests, you aren’t likely to get new clients or projects. As such, we suggest that you use WordPress for any and all portfolio needs for several reasons.

  1. Ease of Use: First and foremost, WordPress has been around as long as it has for a very specific reason—it’s bloody easy to use! In fact, just about anyone (graphic or web designer or not) can use the software to create and manage a site with ease. As such, there’s really no better way to have your content hosted. Let’s say you’d like to add a new piece to your portfolio. With an hard-coded website, this might involve hours and hours of readjusting lines to meet the new grid needs, not to mention actually uploading and hosting the new image. With WordPress, it takes all of thirty seconds. This also applies to the blogging area of your freelance business, which is something we’ve really harped on before in our previous articles.
  2. Plug-Ins Galore: Next, we also suggest you use WordPress because of the sheer abundance of plug-ins that are at your disposal. Want to add some new feature to your site? No problem! Just look for the appropriate plug-in in the WordPress gallery. Better yet, do you want to change the entire theme of your site without touching a single line of code? How else could you manage such a thing save through WordPress? With such a wide variety of tools and utilities at your disposal, WordPress can be a powerful ally when new technologies appear, or for when that sudden burst of creativity strikes you. Your lack of coding knowledge is automatically offset by the WordPress ease-of-use. Every time, guaranteed.