Imagine that the ad world has only perfect designs. Perfect logos clearly representing company activity and advantages… Aesthetic and ergonomic packaging… Poster or magazine ad that doesn’t cause irritation.

We try to make a lot of great designs, we create them for our clients. From logo design to packaging prints. That’s why we decided to research what colors, forms, shapes and images you prefer and consider as relevant for children’s goods design.

Why do we ask moms? You have a direct impact on what your kids use including baby food, books, toys and cosmetics. Children are so sensitive, they remember each detail. Thus, they should be surrounded with the beautiful goods of the highest quality and design.




We will be glad if you spend 10 minutes on answering these questions. We don’t ask you to put your e-mail because  your answers are much more important for us.

* But if you provide it to us we will send you the results of our unique survey 🙂

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