In our line of work, if you’ve never ever considered using some kind of a stock photo, then we haven’t got a clue how you’re able to make a living. We aren’t saying we spray them out over every design project that we possibly can, but we’re no prudes when it comes to finding a quality, prefabricated shot from a stock photo website. However, if you’ve never before considered using just such a tool for your projects, you’re really selling yourself short.

  1. They’re Available: First and foremost, the primary benefit to using a stock photo is that they’re around in abundance. Do you need to find an image of a guy’s face, but you don’t particularly care whose face it is? No problem! Boot up Shutterstock and just do a search for “generic guy.” You’ll be inundated with options, and before you know it, you’ll have the photo you need to flesh out that website or wrap up the print layout. It’s quick, simple, and like money, it’s everywhere.
  2. Budget Friendly: If you’re in need of photographs for your projects, there are three ways you can go about getting those images. Firstly, you can take them yourself. However, this assumes that you have the proper equipment, the time, and the willpower to do this yourself. Or, if you’re feeling a little more business-y, you can outsource the work to a hired photographer. This is what we typically do with heftier photography-based projects, but what if you only need a single image, and aren’t willing to hire someone out for several units at their hourly rate just to get it? Then move onto the third option! Stock photos are very cheap, and can usually be had with some rather sparing licenses. This means that you’ll get the full benefit of being able to use the image as you like, but at a cost that seems bargain-bin compared to the other options you had considered.
  3. They Look Good: Stock photo sites don’t sell you crap. Sure, there are some odd balls out there, but for the most part, their product must look good to move off the shelf. As such, you can fully benefit from the work they’ve put in.