Looking for some free apps that can help cultivate your artistic inspirations and ideas? Tired of forgetting your design thoughts because you weren’t able to jot them down in time? Here are some paint related apps that can help you as you are out and about, and the best part of them all is that they are free!

SketchBook Mobile Express App

This app is basically a professional-grade version of Paint  for your  iPad. This painting and drawing application features all sorts of various painting tools that can be used on a good sized canvas template displayed on your iPad device. Other features that this app has to offer are:  color wheels that showcase every single primary color and also offer customizable color swatches, flood fill, photo import, a symmetric drawing mode,  and much more other editing options. This app offers you mobility and versatility, enabling you to put your thoughts and inspiration to work while you are on the go.

Drawing Box Free App

This paint app is the most simple to use. All it requires you to do is pick up a brush, select your preferred  color, and start painting! Great for beginners and professionals alike, painting is made easy with the apps full screen, dark canvas feature on your iPad. Other features that app has to offer includes:  a selection of  backgrounds along with various gallery options, and the option to save your work in real time so you can share your masterpiece with friends and family. One of the most popular paint apps out there, this is one app you don’t want to miss out on, especially since it’s free!

MyPaint App for iPad

This app will allow your imagination to run wild. Starting from scratch on a blank black canvas, let yourself get carried away. Go ahead and scribble, or retrieve a photo from your computer and edit like crazy. Other cool features that this app has to offer includes: zoom capabilities, specialized painting bushes, real time saving, photo painting, and allowing you to share your work with friends and family via online hosting albums. The host website MyPaint.org also offers handy tips and techniques to perfect your imagination turned creative art.

Kids Paint HD App

A great app to keep children preoccupied and in a sense stay out of trouble. Simplicity is key here, and with various color options and brush sizes, easy painting from scratch becomes a cinch. Just like the MyPaint app, you can edit photos from your computer and share your completed work with the public eye via your online web album. Additional simple features such as shaking the iPad to clear your current work are just one of the few ways that make this app kid friendly and family fun.