This November we feature leading DesignContest designer, Senadneslan_juventus. With over 167 winning entries, including a whopping 61 gold entries, 62 silver, and 44 brass, Senad’s unique and bold designs catch the eye of DesignContest clients and businesses everywhere.

Senad’s impressive portfolio especially demonstrates his ability to express a brand’s image with a dynamic logo design. You’re sure to find inspiration and useful design advice from Senad’s story.

When did you start designing? What inspired you to take up graphic design?

I started designing about 5 years ago. In my country Bosnia and Herzegovina, graphic design is not really the most popular job because we can’t really find clients in my country. Owners of companies don’t realize the true values of branding and marketing online. I have always loved drawing so when I find out about opportunities to earn some money online I did some research on how to use Adobe tools and began my journey. I think my love for drawing inspired me to start graphic design.

If you had not become a designer who do you think you would become instead?

I have finished my education in school for electronic science. So that would probably be my profession.

Winning logo entry for Curbside Clean

What qualities do you think a great graphic designer should have?

I think communication skills are very important. A good designer needs to be patient and probably the most important thing is to be creative.

What skills does one need to have to be successful on DesignContest?

I think that DesingContest offers a very good deal for designers and all people at DesingContest are very interested in helping designers to become better. You just need to be original and follow the rules. Show your creativity and sure you will be able to see progress every day.

Winning entry for Fem Pop

Do you admire any current trends in design?

Yes of course. I love comics and pop art, hand-drawn illustrations, etc.

How do you handle difficult clients?

I said before that one of the most important skills in this job is to have patience. I had some difficult clients but with good communication and quality work, clients will be satisfied.

Winning entry for High Definition Church

Do you have any designs you a particularly proud of?

I’m really proud of my all designs but particularly one design that made me so happy and proud. That was my first winning design. The contest was High Definition Church.

How do you get new skills in design and learn something new? Do you watch videos, read books etc.?

I’m trying to keep up with new trends and I’m learning new skills every day. I’m watching videos mostly on the official Adobe page and reading articles about design. Today it’s really easy to find useful tips and information about graphic design.

Winning entry for Best of Both Adventurers for Women

What is your advice to DC newbies?

Three simple things. Be original. Be creative. Be patient.

Go to Senad’s portfolio to view the rest of his winning designs and impressive portfolio, hire him for your next project, or invite him to your contest.