Who is a designer? Is that a person who got a degree in web design or a person without any theoretical knowledge who still succeeds in a practical part? The answer is: “Neither”. A web designer is a person who knows design and is capable of taking this knowledge into practice and receiving money for what they do. If you meet a web designer who is talented, well-educated and patient, – congratulations! – you came across an ideal designer. Still, even ideal designers need to get improved in order to keep their ideal thriving.

Learning all your life

Your education doesn’t stop the moment you finish school or graduate from university. It lasts as long as you want to improve your skills and yourself. Especially if you’re a web designer. Web design keeps changing every single day: new trends, tools, and abilities appear all the time. That’s why being aware of them and being able to use them in your work can be highly beneficial for you in your clients’ eyes: being able to do something that others can’t, will certainly differ you from the rest of people. Keeping that in mind, DesignContest has prepared a list of online resources for web designer’s education that will boost your web design skills.


This online course at a reasonable price is suitable for both newbies and sharks in a web design field. It enables web designer newbies to improve their skills by building a real application and staying in 1 to 1 mentorship with an experienced designer. Bloc helps to find any solution and guidance a new web designer may need. As for professional web designers, their professionalism may be endorsed by Bloc’s UI/UX course. Built in the way to be interesting and challenging even for the most experienced web designers, the course will leave you satisfied with its results for sure. An additional perk provided by Bloc is the possibility of getting hired by prominent companies that work with Bloc.


With a relatively low price and a full package of possibilities given by Designlab, the courses here are viral among web designers. You will find out about UX design, branding, typography and dozen of other things a true web designer cannot leave unnoticed. The most popular course Designlab has, Design 101, is aimed at widening your idea about web design and bringing it into a completely new perspective. Among its mentors, you will surely come across a few names that are considered to be celebrities in the world of web design.


“Video training taught by experts” – this is the way the company presents itself. What’s more, that’s all you need to know in order to get interested in the course at first. It enables you to choose what exactly you want to find out about. In addition to that, Lynda provides tutorials not only in terms of web design but also what refers to startups, marketing etc.: things no person can do without in today’s business world. Making you dive into the studies and showing you the best examples and tutorials makes Lynda the type of online courses you fall in love with. It’s like a family you learn within. It also provides a free 30-days trial, that’s why you may compare it with other online web design courses and choose the one you like the most.

Don’t Fear The Internet

Its first pro: DFTI is easy to learn from. Its second pro: DFTI is awfully useful for newbies in web design. Its third pro: DFTI brings up the sharpest problems you may face in web design, as well as basic web design tutorials. Oh, and almost forgot it: DFTI is completely free of charge! If you’re not sure whether you want to spend money on online courses or it’s better for you to attend any local ones, DFTI may help you to solve this dilemma: try it out and you’ll understand if you’re ok with online courses. You will learn captivating things for sure and will be able to enter the next level of web design.

Online courses are extremely great for web designers who are eager to find out something new and useful. It doesn’t matter if you’re keen on a logo design, layout design or posters design: these courses reveal some engaging web design secrets for you to use in the future. Develop, have fun and stay with DesignContest!