Every best-in-class brand manager knows the importance of a good story telling. In today’s world of online communication this practice has never been so alive. 2015 will be the year of video marketing.

Why? Just because there is no better medium than video for storytelling. Get maximum with minimal effort is what 2015 year’s consumer wants to do.  And videos telling fun and engaging stories are the best and fastest means to convey your brand message. Surveys have confirmed that people are much more likely to click on an advertisement or buy product on your site if you grab their attention by moving visual images.

In this post we collected for you 5 great videos that have reached millions of views and useful infographics on video marketing trends of 2015.

Watch these effective marketing videos created by really awesome and talented people.


#1. LG

LG has made a video frightening and amazing at the same time. As a result they’ve got a compelling story that works.



#2. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola placed a happiness machine along with the hidden cameras in a campus and recorded student’s reactions. Pure emotions and nothing more.


#3. Evian

The inner child is still inside of every adult.


#4. GoPro

The clip demonstrates GoPro in action and tells a life-affirming story about fireman who rescued a cat while wearing GoPro camera. 


#5. Always

In the era of feminism Always #LikeAGirl was a real hit in 2014.



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Image credit to startitnew.blogspot.com