Instagram is a fun, creative and free mobile photo-sharing app. It is also a whole other social network. This incredibly popular project featured today, achieved a $1 billion buyout in just 18 months. 

Today’s users are obsessed with capturing each minute of their lives and uploading them on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram. Can you imagine if Disney characters had used Instagram? Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and many others come to mind all at once…

Simona Bonafini, a graphic designer from Italy, illustrated this parallel reality in her series “Selfie Fables”. See how your favourite characters post selfies, use #hashtags, like and comment on each other’s photos in a humorous way.

What is your favourite Disney personality? If he/she existed in real life, what social network would they use? 

disney selfie 1

disney selfie 2

disney selfie 3

disney selfie 4

disney selfie 5

disney selfie 6

disney selfie 7

disney selfie 8

disney selfie 9

disney selfie 10

disney selfie 11

Images credit to Simona Bonafini