Ever look at your designs and start seeing things within your work that give you the creeps? What we mean is: Are you starting to view your work less as an example of how you can be creative, but more as an amateur rehashing of the same elements, the same concepts, and the same ideas? If you are, don’t worry! Happens to all of us occasionally. What you do at this junction is important though.

  1. Stay Modern: If you’re really starting to feel stuck in the mud as far as your design concepts go, then perhaps it’s about time you took a closer look at what’s going on elsewhere in the industry. What we mean is this: Go onto a few of the design inspiration sites that are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Check out what’s modern and what’s being talked about. Now, compare those designs to what you’re doing. Is there any correlation? Or, are you designing more like a designer would five years ago? How about ten years ago? Make every effort that you possibly can to take your skills and make modern designs with them. This is often half the battle, and can instantly improve your portfolio with a single stroke.
  2. Work on Different Projects: If you feel like you’re pumping out the same old rubbish over and over, it might be because you sort of are. No, we don’t mean you’re rubbish at what you do, but if you’re creating the same genre of designs over and over, you may not be expanding as an artist. Try to pursue new and engaging design projects, that way you’re faced with new challenges and new solutions that need to be fashioned together on paper. This can be a fantastic way to flesh out your aging design skills and to keep your job as fun as it was five years ago. Do some package design, or maybe a full rebranding. Whatever it is that floats your way, jump on it, and really give it your all!