If you’re looking for meaningful designs that make a big impact, it’s hard to do much better than logo design. We love the field ourselves, and we’ve made quite an effort over the years to learn as much about it as we can. With that in mind, we thought we’d cover a crucial aspect of logo design: how to make a logo timeless. What characteristics are there that you should be looking for in your design?

  1. Instantly Recognizable Shape: One of the biggest factors in creating a logo that lasts and lasts for a hundred years or more involves the shape of the logo. Your logo needs to have a design that can be recognized from miles away using nothing but the sheer geometry of its layout. Think about the Pepsi logo, for instance. How far away do you think you could spot it? We’re willing to bet quite a distance and it’s largely because of the distinct colors and shapes.
  2. Colors Are King: Which brings us to our next point! If you’re looking for colors to add to your logo, remember to choose colors that speak directly to the psychology of the viewer in a way that matches the tone and message of the brand. If you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis of color theory and color psychology, you’ll find it out on Google. In the meantime, remember that national flags use colors in a very tasteful way. Why do they do this? So that you can recognize the country and its pride from very far away. In exactly the same scenario, you should carefully choose your logo hues to meet those exact needs.
  3. Sticking Power: Our last point is much more esoteric, but no less valid. To be truly effective, your logo is going to need that all-important sticking power. Yes, it needs that special something that keeps people thinking about it long after the logo has disappeared from in front of their face. Finding this niche and a way to create this in a viewer is difficult indeed, and we wish you the best of luck. It can’t be taught, but will have a big impact on the viability of your logo.