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Thread: Web design and stock images

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    Yes, I did, Sharie. Designers're exactly selling their mock-ups with someone's images inside. 50% designers here don't place any markers on the images (including icons), that is why this question arose.

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    this is the first time i stumble upon this thread & i have couple of thoughts ..

    first of all i agree with Sharie for all what she have was alot of help really

    Now, as i was developing my web design skills lately that's what i understand:


    - stock image we mean here is the ones that are coming from a known source / library like shutterstock or so.. not just a random search on google ..because most of the search results will be already owned by others..& so you can trace them to BUY them either you are the designer or the CH.

    - designers use these images to show the ch a (mock up) like if they want to show where the pics should go, or the kind of images the CH should have to match with the concept.. or so

    - you see, most of web designers don't have to be pro photographers to introduce such great shots or have the right faces or places to do it for example!!
    But that doesn't mean they can't be great designers.. choosing the perfect image itself is a requires a true artist & not everyone who can do that

    - it's not illegal because you didn't sell them to anyone & if you did it's your soul responsiblity.. so obviously you BETTER let the CH know what is yours & what is not & tell them to purchase them if they want the exact ones you used..(if you was picked as a winner of course).

    - all of these exceptions only apply for website mockups & only for the stock photos not templates ..not logos ..

    if you want & can use your own photoes that's great but if others can't ..what do you suggest for substitute!!

    also as sharie said before, designers should really leave the watermark on the designs to admit the rights of the authors & note the CH about using unlicensed images & leave it up to them..

    hope that was helpful

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