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    Attention All Members: Geko needs your votes!

    Please read the question in the poll area above. Then just answer it truthfully. Remember, this poll isn’t about portfolios or design skills. Please read this thread for a more detailed explanation of the voting system.

    The member you’re voting for is – Geko You can view Geko's profile

    Thanks for participating!
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    Apprentice Designer
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    Dec 2009
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    Hello Sharie,

    Thanks for your poll. I just voted for Geko. Yes. But would you please specify the specific reasons for this? That would be nice to know.

    I have already visited his web site. I like his endevor & utilization of skill. Really he has great adaptabilit, enthusiasm & spirit to his job.

    Best regards,

    Khalid Apu

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    Senior Member HWorks's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
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    Roma, Italia

    Voted yes, a good user and good designer indeed. Nothing to add

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    The founder resurepus's Avatar
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    "Yes" from me!

    Khalidapu, did you actually read this thread mentioned in Sharie's post?

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    SLP, Mexico

    @ Khalidapu, SliverFX, resurepus, Thank you all for your support, I'm glad I finally got to this stage and hopefully became part of this wonderful team.

    @ Sharie Thank you for all your support given in this great community.

    @ All the others who voted, really appreciated, thank you for your votes

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    Senior Member scorpionagency's Avatar
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    San Antonio, Texas

    I voted Yes, because you had some good & helpful posts in the forums, participated in the community contests, & made an effort to be a productive part of the community in general.

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    Oct 2009
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    Paranaque Philippines / Virginia, USA

    i voted yes!

    Geko seems to quite adjust himself with the community standards and with the people here!

    And also, his works are just very great as well !!!


    the best is yet to come ~

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    Member Geko's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
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    SLP, Mexico

    Thank you all for your votes, really appreciated.

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