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    New moderators to be announced soon

    As the community of is growing we are going to recruit some new moderators to help us manage it. We have some candidates already and we are going to watch them closely and when we think they are ready to become mods we'll get in touch with them directly.
    If you like our the community and want to make it even better, if you spend a lot of time here and post on the forums regularly you might be one of the guys we will contact soon.
    Besides respect of other members the moderators will get additional rating points (this feature is not in place yet so all the points that the current moderators have were earned by their design work). There will be other perks as well. But we do not want moderators who are there for the perks, we want people who are interested in developing the community, hunting down spammers and banning copycats and helping to run the Community Contests.

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    EXCELLENT, It's nice to see the community growing with a joint effort to better the environment in which we collaborate on. Keeping the community spam & scam free is probably one of the most time consuming tasks and my hat goes off to all the staff that have dedicated countless hours here already to keep this community a wonderful place to be

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    This is good, with many moderators will be better relations between our communities. And the better future of hope and developing

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    Good news, the rules can be useful the most when it is properly applied and moderated. Thanks for all the hard works and efforts to make it happen. Hopefully that I can participate in a good way

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    Yeah it keeps you updated & informed ^_^

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