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    TO ALL USERS: Case Studies Forum

    Alright everyone,

    The Case Studies forum is about to be brought back to life. I know that many of you were negatively affected by the old version "Designs That Suck" but please try to let go of those bad predispositions.

    I trust that those of you who have voted for the existence of such a forum are just as ready to help keep it alive as you were to support its rebirth.

    To get the ball rolling in the next few days I will do my best to post a few critiques of my own. However anyone interested is more than welcome to preceed me in this act. Hopefully we can make something happen by the beginning of next week.

    Note: Before posting, please read the stickies! They have some valuable information in them.

    Thank you everyone!

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    Great! I'm glad to know it's back in action :-)

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