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    The founder resurepus's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
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    9,302 Newsletter: December 3

    In This Newsletter
    Community Contest Winner of the Month $100 Prize
    Buy Nothing Day - poster design contest - $100

    The last couple of weeks the community was kind of quiet - we were preparing the launch of - a new portal for artists where you can upload your images (very handy if you don't have your own hosting), write your blog and chat with fellow artists online. We are still working on this website and there are more features are to come! is really a great addition for first of all it is free image hosting for your artworks and personal pictures and second compared to DC where we work as a team, it is more of private space for your artistic expression.

    Another month is over and we are ready to determine who did the best job in the community contests in November and who will get our monthly prize of $100. Come and check the Community Contests Winner of the Month Poll for November. And don't forget to cast your vote - every member's opinion counts!

    For the next community contest we have something really special. Have you heard about Buy Nothing Day? Did you know the world celebrates it on December 25th? Well, now you do, and you will have an opportunity to design a poster for this event. The contest will be open all the way till December 24th and the winner will get $100. Yes, even though it is a community contest, there's prize money involved Now let's see what you can come up with!

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    Senior Member takethetrain's Avatar
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    awesome! i love designing posters. i hope the contest is up soon...

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    The founder resurepus's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
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    The contest is on! Enjoy! I am really looking forward to seeing some great entries in this one!

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    Mar 2006

    Not realy tried my hand at posters. I think that the ArtCrowd layout is very bland, maybe you should hold a contest for that or I could do one .

    Res, Buy Nothing Day is on the 24th November in the USA and the 25th November in Europe if you check your facts and not on Christmas Day.
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