Does anyone have news about Flash Augmented Reality?
Surfing on the web you could find some old Tutorials (2007/2009) that allows you to develop in flash (Using the FLARToolkit or the FLARManager 4 example...) some funny basic Apps.
But most of them are useless anymore, cause the libraries were updated. (...Or maybe it's just me...cause I'm a donkey with Flash! )
Actually I can't find working Tuts, but there are a lot of designers and Developers who creates usefull Apps; like interactive BusinessCards or Augmented Packaging games or info.

What do you think about? What sort of benefit will this
Technology Add to Designers, developers and custumers?

Is someone of you developing something with it that you will show/share with us?

Waiting your opinions.
...And sorry for my "handmade" English!