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    Junior Guru GoldenZ's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    City, State

    2 Sided Brochure

    This a Two sided brochure:

    Feedback and comments appreciate it


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    Member marzac2's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    Southern California

    Very nice layouts. I like the blending and low opacity elements. Gradients and color works too.

    I'd only say maybe just choose only one web address ( Solutions for a Smarter World) at the top instead of having both close together. I'd choose the low opacity one. It flows better.

    On page two, I'd maybe move the tittle over to the right and place it just over the web address (ShopMandA). This will make it easier to read the beginning of the tittle and balance the feel of the second page.

    Just a few thoughts, but wow, it looks really nice already.

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    Guru brandyarnold's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    City, State
    Dunedin, FL

    Hi Goldenz,

    As far as layout/design/appearance, it looks good. A little bit too much use of filters, gradients, opacities, etc for my taste, but you've put it all together nicely.

    My only issue with it, is that it doesn't really excite me about anything. It doesn't have any "call to action", or make me interested in the product... It looks nice, but that's pretty much where it ends for me. I think "Solutions for a Smarter World" should stand out way more, be bigger, bolder... more interesting.

    But overall, it's a nice, clean layout, nice use of spacing and color.

    thanks for sharing!

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    Junior Guru GoldenZ's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    City, State

    @marzac2 , thanks for your comments, most of brochures have a title and the url is straight below it, but i want to make a difference this time xD thats why i align in a little bit right.

    @brandyarnold, happy to see you commenting my design again
    you're right about the call to action but in fact I'm a little bit strict with the audience as this should be as formal as way as possible. ^^

    thanks all for your professional comments, happy to read


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    Apprentice Designer
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    Feb 2010

    Thanks for the posting and the two side brochure is very reliable to read..........
    Last edited by brandyarnold; 02-19-2010 at 07:00 AM.

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