Hi everyone, I just got registered to this portal. I just keep an eye on the contests and concluded in a week that I must be a learner here.

I'm Nuh bin Sikander aka Craftia from Pakistan. I'm 24 single and still a student. I hold a degree in Marketing and I.T. Hobbies are everything related to Computers. I'm a white hat.

Accomplishments regarding Crafts: I made brand identities for Rehab El Buri Foundation, Spark:Her.org, Meta-focal and last but not the least my personal favorite Signature Mark for Luigi Matrone (Global Brand Manager at Proctor and Gamble).

Should quote the bad stuff here, my first ever design here got a problem because I used the Mock-ups. I should bear the consequences, because I miss-read the T.O.U.

I know there are GURUS of designing here, I would love to hear advices from them. I would love to see myself in this community for a long long time. I need your guidance, teachers..

I owe you thanks.
Concerned, Craftia.