Let’s start with what Wikipedia, the most trustworthy and reliable website, says about DesignContest: “The main idea of this platform is to provide a simple, sophisticated and yet affordable design by crowdsourcing”. Do you have any reasons not to trust Wikipedia? Don’t think so.

DesignContest is a crowdsourcing platform that brings the highest benefits to both its clients and designers. These aren’t just simple words, they are proved by salient facts and statistics that can’t be cheated. Which is why we want to give you 5 sound and unbiased reasons to choose DesignContest (though we really love this platform, facts remain facts).

The 1st Reason – Obvious:

If we compare DesignContest with any other design crowdsourcing platform, we’ll see that, in average, DesignContest offers more than 200 entries per single contest, which secures the variety of choice our clients have. The platform’s nearest competitors (like 99designs and crowdSpring) can boast about having less than 110 designs per contest. The difference is considerable, isn’t it?

The 2nd Reason – Pleasant:

DesignContest offers a 100% money back guarantee. Thus, it completely secures the money you put into the contests; if you don’t like the result (which is hardly because of the largest number of contests you receive), you can always get your money back.

The 3rd Reason – Impressive:

DesignContest has been operating in the web design market for more than 13 years and is considered to be the oldest and, thus, the most reliable crowdsourcing platform in general. Amazingly, but all the modern design crowdsourcing platforms started with the successful example provided by DesignContest.

The 4th Reason –  Shocking:

It takes DesignContest nearly 7 days to get a design ready. Which means that taking into account the refund policy we provide, you risk neither your time nor your money: during these 7 days you already have a vague image on what the design is going to be; everything is fast and secure.

The 5th Reason – Extraordinary:

35 design categories enable you to launch a contest in every web design field possible; if you choose several categories, you can be sure the result will suit your company’s policy and still be fresh and original.

The 6th Reason – Exciting:

4.8/5  Satisfaction Rate proves that nothing is perfect, though the satisfaction rate is higher than the one on any other web design platform, taking into account the largest number of clients who refer to DesignContest in order to gain a perfect design.

The 7th Reason – Important:

185 000 professional designers registered on DesignContest secures the diversity of designs, which means that everyone can find something special that will appeal to them.

The 8th Reason – Notable:

Various companies from all over the world have used DesignContest in order to get a perfect design. The difference between these companies proves that DesignContest can satisfy any needs. Such companies as Honeyville, Starbucks, and Moscow Metro can prove this by boosting about the logos they got from DesignContest.

The 9th Reason – Remarkable:

DesignContest provides a support service of the highest quality 24/7, which means that should you happen to have any questions or troubles, they will be solved as soon as possible and you don’t have to wait.

The 10th Reason – Superb:

DesignContest differs from the rest of crowdsourcing platforms by its highly reasonable prices – you don’t need to pay through the nose in order to get a perfect design.

Still in doubts? Launch a contest on DesignContest and you will experience all the benefits this crowdsourcing platform provides! There is nothing you lose, so why to waste your time?