It’s vital that both the designer, and the client understand the fundamentals of social media marketing. Generally speaking, social media marketing is about getting website traffic and drawing the attention of potential customers. The key point for social media marketers is to create outstanding content and stimulate social network users to share it and follow your pages.

The importance of B2B social presence is growing by the year. To build a successful social media marketing strategy, marketers need to focus on two main points such as general principles (laws) and trends. Following general principles (listening, focusing, reciprocity etc.) is important for forming a macro strategy as it will help you in understanding basic ideas of the social marketing processes.

In terms of micro strategies, we claim the following: micro strategies need new trends! Being a successful business is about constant adjustments to modern realities and trends.

See the 10 most significant social media marketing trends in 2015 and get ready be on top of your game.