Picasa by Google is an excellent photo editing and manipulating program, and best of all, it’s free! Although the layout and concept of Picasa is relatively simple and user friendly, there are still many functions and shortcuts that can be taken note of especially those who want to make the best out of the program and intend to use the program frequently.  Below are some top tutorials on the different options that Picasa offers and how to put them to use.

Picasa Tutorial Website

Like the website domains states, this is exactly what it is. A site full of Picasa tips and related information abound on this webpage. From basic tips to tricks on how to add a Picasa widget to your personal blog or social networking site, you pretty have your ends covered by perusing this site. There is even a section set aside specifically for Picasa beginner users and you can subscribe to receive weekly Picasa tips as soon as they are updated.

Picasa Tutorial Blogspot

This blog is excellent for those wanting to discover random basic functions that Picasa has to offer and how to apply them. These functions can be anything from creating your own movie or watermark, or organizing you edited images into specific collections. There are also guides on special editing tools that Picasa offers such as “Focal Black and White” and “Retouching.” The blog is mostly filled with step by step instructions, but every once in awhile a post will display an image of either the final result of a particular editing process or a screenshot of the editing process actually taking place.

Picasa Tutorial Learning

This is great for those who are looking for a specific editing tool or a particular photo manipulating tip. With everything neatly organized into specific categories, you can easily find what toll or function guide you are looking for. The difference with this tutorial is that each one is a video or audio file instead of a written step by step instruction guide. Thus, this is best for those who consider themselves auditory or visual learners.

Picasa Tutorial Google

Now of course, if you want the basics, Goggle itself also offers tips and guide on how to operate Picasa. Although not as detailed as other individual tutorials, it still has decent instructions on how to get your way around Picasa. There is also a help forums where frequently asked topics are categorized into major topics for you to easily navigate and find what you might be looking for.