If you’re a graphic designer, we’re betting your skills include page layouts, as well as media and Web creation. Whether you choose to tackle websites or not is largely a personal preference, but either way, we’d imagine it’s in the realm of possibility. However, if you’re only sticking to these, you’re selling yourself short where your market potential is concerned.

  1. SEO Optimization: If you aren’t offering SEO services to your clients, you really aught to consider picking up the skills. Outfitting a website to perform better with popular search engines does not take long, and in fact, can add an immense amount of marketability to your services. Especially if your clients are using WordPress, this process takes only a matter of hours to complete. Considering you can charge half a grand for these kinds of offerings, too, there’s really nothing to lose by doing a bit of reading.
  2. WordPress Design: On that note, are you capable of producing WordPress-ready designs for your clients? If you aren’t, you’re not only cutting yourself out of some profit, you’re also selling yourself short. WordPress is more and more popular with every passing year, and we’re seeing more businesses requesting it than, between you and us, we ever bloody thought we would. As such, just do a little bit of research into what’s required, then pony up to the bar. The next time someone asks for a WordPress design, you’ll be ready with the loaded gun.
  3. App Design: Okay, so this one may require a bit more involvement, and possibly some contracting, but there’s a ton of money to be made in the realm of mobile app design. These jobs can sometimes run up into the tens of thousands, but they’re always worth every penny. In other words, considering adding an additional branch of your business to handle these items. If you can manage it, there’s some serious bank to be made in the long run.