One can never have too many fonts in the repertoire: A good bit of typography is like peanut butter to the jelly spread of elements in your projects. With that delicious metaphor in mind, use these five free, high quality fonts to add a bit of spice to your next design.



Weston Free Font

This pseudo-retro font is perfect for headers or titles that need to be bold, clear, and commanding. The font has a Western feel to it that goes well with a movie theme, or a classic motif. Its clean size and sharp edges also make it a very visible header, or a cut and dry footer.

Code Pro Light

This long and lanky beauty is an excellent font for use with all-black backgrounds, or one-tone design elements. Its smooth edges and sharp look make it perfect for semi-translucent background accents, but equally as graceful as a featured font in your project. The font has an academic edge, or a professional slant, as well: This makes it perfect for a more posh design, or one with a business-minded audience.

Sheep Sans

Sheep Sans is a font that arrives out of the herd with a Yellow Pages-like demeanor and a wickedly fat body weight. When used with an all-yellow background, the font reminded me a lot of Sprint commercials: This typography set has a laid back air of professionalism that will easily compliment any adverts or start-up projects you may be working on.

Morning Glory

This unique (and totally free) font comes with a Good Morning Talk Show feel, or even a slightly weird SyFy vibe. Morning Glory is a very punchy font, meaning it totally controls the areas it’s placed in. By carefully adding it to your designs, you can introduce a large amount of spice and uniqueness to its appearance, but be careful not to overdo it: This is a font that works incredibly well in small doses, but gets sour quick in larger ones.

Ostrich Sans

This sans font has a certain 1980’s vibe that makes it seem retro without being outdated. Ostrich Sans evokes thoughts of business logos from three decades ago, which makes it perfect for any logos in your stack that need a professionally retro appeal. The font’s neon style also works well as a header or footer in a web design.