Wireframes are at in the spotlight as THE instrument for effective design. Wireframes help us create high quality user interfaces. The interfaces that we create are interactive, they respond to the interaction of users and translate emotions. Wireframes help formulate feelings and functions of design in a way regular screen forms can’t. That being said, how do you choose the best tool for making wireframes? Or better yet, what are wireframes?

First things first. 

A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.

– Courtesy of Wikipedia, the most reliable source. If you’re a visual learner, this will be a better definition and example:

The best tools for making wireframes

As you can see, it is basically the layout. One word definitions are the way to go with these technicalities. So how does one choose the tools to move forward with a task such as this one? You randomly select one from our list of recommendations!

1. Axure RP Pro

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 589

Producer: Axure

Axure RP Pro

This instrument generates clickable HTML and documents in the format of Word. Supports complex interactions.

2. Balsamiq Mockups

Platform: Web

Price: $ 89

Producer: Balsamiq

The best tools for making wireframes

Allows quick mockups of your SP. Generated content looks like a sketch, which could help those that think their project is finalised when it is not.

3. Dreamweaver

Platform: Cross-platforms

Price: $ 399

Producer: Adobe

The best tools for making wireframes

You can use the visuals part of Dreamweaver to move around elements of your design with the help of drag-and-drop, add interactive elements, and dig into code for more complex wireframing.

4. Fireworks

Platform: Cross-platforms

Price: $ 299

Producer: Adobe

The best tools for making wireframes

The option of creating more complex, interactive wireframes. Many of the instruments are analogous to the ones in Adobe suite. You have the option of exporting in PDF or HTML formats.

5. FlairBuilder

Platform: Cross-platforms

Price: $ 99

Producer: Cristian Pascu

The best tools for creating wireframes


Creates interactive screen forms with the help of a discounted Air application. Send your results to your clients for viewing as an independent app.

6. Flex

Platform: Cross-platforms

Price: $ 249

Producer: Adobe

The best tools for making wireframes

This application is more popular among developers. However, the WYSIWYG editor and the support of importing screens from Illustrator gives you the ability to quickly move from draft to final product. You have the option of exporting in Flash and Air application.

7. ForeUI

Producer: Cross-platforms

Price: $150

Producer: EaSynth Solution

The best tools for making wireframes

ForeUI helps you create an interactive prototype for application or website you have in mind. You can mock up the behavior by defining the event state-chart and export that to image, PDF document or HTML5 simulation. With ForeUI it’s easy to change the style of your design by simply switch the UI theme. 

8. iPlotz

Platform: Web

Price: $ 99

Producer: iPlotz

The best tools for making wireframes

An app that allows you to create interactive screen forms. Also includes a basic set of tools for managing the project, such as giving tasks. The version is available for desktop (Air).

9. iRise

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 695

Producer: iRise


A complex instrument for modelling the business processes and the design of an application interface.

10. Justinmind Prototyper

Platform: Beta version for Macs

Price: $ 690

Producer: Justinmind


Creates screen formats with the option of determining its behaviour by means of case-charts usage.

All 10 are incredibly useful.

Of course, you may also pick one according to the best website design, but that would be so unprofessional (I like #3).

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