There are different contests clients hold on our website. Number of logo contests is the most significant. We have conducted a small survey to reveal several logo features that affect client’s choice most of all. We have chosen randomly 500 winning logos on design crowdsourcing sites and grouped them according to several attributes. See our results performed in infographics and more details below.

82% of all logos contain both text and symbol, 17% have only text and only 1% of logos have just symbol. Different polls revealed that people usually trust text’n’symbol logos more. Psychologically they start to associate symbol with certain company. As for the text, so people are trying to get first information about company activity from company name or slogan that are usually incorporated in logos. That is why from informational point of view both text and symbol have equal value for client and his future customer.

During recent years, there was a real struggle between designers and clients concerning the simplicity of logos provided. In era of flat design, ghost buttons and lite websites simple logos became a common understandable and obvious trend. Nevertheless, we have revealed only 7% of logos that can be considered as really simple.

However, we must admit that the number of complicated logos with too many details, fonts and heavy elements was not very high and amounted to only 9%. 3D logos took only 1%. Obviously, that huge number of articles and designers blog posts concerning the idea of logo simplicity finally influenced clients’ minds to some extent. We are completely happy that many designers realize that teaching clients is also very important as well as providing designs matching trends and aesthetic taste.

Finally, we declared the number growth of smart enough and creative logos with double meaning, hidden meaning or negative space. 

It was interesting to find out that many logos are containing animals, people and nature elements  such as landscapes, leaves, branches, trees and mountains. Of course, in most of cases it is directly connected with company business activity (different services for people, animal care, natural nutrition, etc). But some number of logos have such images of nature or live creatures only to affect customer’s minds positively.

Animals used in logos: fish, bird, dog, bug, cat, deer, frog, spider, goat, elk and bear. If  company activity is not linked with certain animal directly, clients usually pick some animals to assign some qualities to their business. As it turned out birds are associated with freedom; dogs show us reliability and dedication; cats are cute, attractive and graceful.

Blue, red and green turned out to the most used in logos. Blue color appears in 36% of all logos, mostly in monochrome and 2-colored ones. It is usually used for services providers, investment and capital management companies and  pharmaceutical companies. Green turned out to be the color of chemical and healthcare companies, herbal products, consulting and building construction. Red color appeared in logos of event management, sport companies and start-up projects.

The same we could say about the preferable shape of logos. In logos having certain shape or incorporating some elements of certain shape we revealed many circles (63%). As we have already mentioned this trend in our blog, we would just explain shortly the popularity of circle. Absence of acute angles is directly associated with non-aggression, stability and constancy. That is the most pleasant figure for human eye from psychological point of view.


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Important to know

We revealed rather notably amount of logos containing overused or generic elements such as 2-colored circles, roofs and cubic buildings, spheres and rainbow circle formed by stylized humans. All these elements are completely eye-friendly but have no semantic value as marketing tools that make the company stick out from the crowd.


How do clients usually get their logos

We looked through a lot of requests and key search words people use in the USA, Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States and revealed some differences in the ways people get their logo designs. So we have made a poll trying to find out the preferences in different parts of the world. According to our poll results, the most popular ways to get logo designed in the USA are different design agencies, crowdsourcing sites and freelancers. People in CIS countries choose mostly freelancers and friends with designer skills. European clients trust design agencies more often. Demand on crowdsourcing platforms is not very high yet and getting logo through the contest is just starting to gain popularity.


Simplicity paves the way to success

As a conclusion we would like to remind you once again what logo features you should better avoid. Forget about common and overused elements, lots of fonts, heavy and amateur logos. They will not make your customer stay on your website.

Instead of that you can concentrate on simplifying your design. Just look on flat logos and you will see that brilliant one is not about peacock feather and fireworks. Don’t be impatient and pay attention to designers’ advices. Track design trends and stay up-to-date.

And don’t be afraid to use crowdsourcing platform to get the logo. There you will find designers from all over the world and due to different cultures and outlook they will offer you a lot of completely different versions to choose. Want to make sure? Come to

Text by Anastasia Kulik, DesignContest

Infographics by Lidiia Suslova, DesignContest

Design vector designed by Freepik