Do you judge a book by its cover? Of course, you don’t! Well, in a way. A book cover marketing has gone viral, for a pleasant book cover design makes us think of buying the product. If you start thinking of it, you are already half-way on buying it. A book cover design is a great weapon. So, let’s figure out, who can really use this weapon.


Duh, that’s obvious. Book cover designs are vital for authors, as far as their books wouldn’t be sold without them as much as they could. If the author is prominent and highly demanded, a clever book cover design helps him to get talked about, discussed and endorsed. If the author is not so prominent, a smart book cover design will assist in him getting noticed and becoming recognized later. This system works on the web as greatly as it does in bookstores. According to the recent stats, 72% of people who buy books prefer their printed versions, while 24% like buying and reading their e-book versions. Which is why making a brilliant book cover design can make people talk about you, get interested in you and by the books you write.

What you need

Be different, be creative, be not like everybody else. These are three key factors in achieving success. Don’t follow trends or try to make your book cover similar to those presented on bookshelves. Nobody will remember you if your book is one of the thousands. You will be, however, recognized, if your book is the one and only. Take a look at the e-book cover design made on DesignContest. This book uses a 3D effect and makes you want to touch the stars that sparkle on its cover or touch the sea waves that splash on it. The design is great in its simplicity and color combination, which is why it certainly will be noticed. This can be your first huge step towards your future writer’s career, so think twice before you take it up.

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If the book cover design went bad

If it happens, it will be a complete failure of your marketing strategy, for, in this case, you will have to rely precisely on the book’s annotation and your own rotten luck. Still, if you don’t attract a reader with a beautiful book cover, the chances this reader will actually read what your book is about are next to nothing.


Or at least those who need to have any brochures, manuals, guidebooks etc. A book cover design can emphasize your corporate identity and boost your clients’ trust they put in you. If you need to have a strong brand, you need to have a strong corporate identity that includes guidebooks cover design. If you have everything fitted into one common style, having a great guidebook that can present your company will be an awesome compliment.

What you need

In order to have a stunning book cover design, the company needs to have an already existing common style. In this case, it would be much easier for a designer to think of the creative concept of your future guidebook design. What’s more, think of all the qualities your guidebook needs to have, starting with its size and fillings. The better you imagine your future guidebook design, the better creative brief you can provide your designer with. Try following the general corporate style your company has and you will succeed for sure.


Those who conduct scientific researches and want them to be filled with a beautiful book that will appeal to readers’ eye, could surely consider having a cover book designed for them. No matter how interesting and useful your research is, if you need to attract more readers, such marketing step would be highly profitable.

What you need

A restricted, simple, not catchy design. You need to show the moderation and stick to the scientific style and yet not to be boring. If you don’t know exactly the way you want to visualize your work, leave space for your designer’s creativity. A well-qualified designer will know exactly what to do in order for you to get a perfect result.

Educational institutions

A great way to attract more future students and their parents, educational institutions have been using a book cover design since forever. Such design stands for the style, reliability, and trust. The Ivy League, Sorbonne and Oxford University emphasize their own style engraved into a book cover design as much as they can. Educational institutions became a trademark a long time ago; this trademark needs to be sold and endorsed.

What you need

You need to inspire people with trust and make them believe the level of education provided by your kindergarten, school or college is worth their attention. The book cover design for such purpose must be sophisticated and original – this is the only way you can get people interested in the educational services you provide.  

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