Designers, like other artists, have a whole other perception of the world.  It’s in the little things – the way you carry out your daily routines, the things you pay attention to and the unique vision that is your gift. Sometimes it just so happens that we get carried away from finding our true calling.

It is for this reason that we have compiled a list of signs that tell you you’re unmistakably a designer (or you’re destined to be one). Designers have certain traits that distinguish them from other professionals. Primarily, they have an understanding that design is not necessarily a profession – design is a lifestyle.

Are you secretly a designer?

You Know You’re a Designer When…

1. You’re a Perfectionist

Perhaps also slightly OCD.

Tidying up art

2. You get excited by art supplies.

You don’t walk by stationary stores, and you never walk out empty handed.

The weapons of a graphic designer

3. You carry a sketchbook wherever you go.

Doodles, notes, post-its – you have it all and its accessible 24/7 so as not to lose track of all your ideas.

Graphic designer's sketchbook

4. Bad design makes you cringe.

No really, what is this madness?

5. You judge a restaurant by their menu (font choice).

You’ll likely walk out of this one.

Bad menu design drives you insane

6. In fact, you judge everyone on this scale.

You love shopping. Window font shopping and font judging.

Some people just want to watch the world burn

7. Your kitchen is stocked with the most aesthetically pleasing packaging designs.

It’s not just your kitchen! Anything with great packaging design is worth your hard earned money.

Graphic designers love their creative labels

8. You don’t just drive past billboards. 

You pull over, and give them the attention they deserve. 

Graphic designers love billboards

9. You get annoyed by bad kerning.

Only a legitimate designer will understand this struggle.

Bad kerning

10. You know the difference between ‘coral’ and ‘salmon’. 

Why? Because this is YOU on the left!

How designers see colors

11. You see the world in color modes.

“RGB? CMYK? I can lecture you on the difference between the two in my sleep.”

Designers see the world in color modes

12. Your ideal habitat looks something like this.

Or it’s the starting point. Your canvas. Your masterpiece.

Ideal designer's habitat

13. Your weakness is books.

There’s never enough books and you can’t buy all of them so your walls look like this:

Your books are organized by color

14. The only greater pleasure is new magazines.

You refuse to throw them out. All the images! The layouts! The inspiration!

You love magazines

15. You need an external hard drive for all your great internet finds and bookmarks.

It’s one of the few things that brings you to tears:

Your desktop is almost full

16. You’d rather shop for fonts than for new clothes.

“Clothes? I don’t need clothes! I NEED THE PERFECT FONT!”

Font addiction

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17. You’re easily amused by the wonders of the world.

You: “Guys look it’s a bird!”

Your friends: “No, it’s just a damn cloud.”

Cloud shaped like an eagle

18. You’re always itching to MAKE STUFF.

All sorts of stuff. You’re never bored because of this unique gift. 

You always want to make stuff

19. This becomes an obsession:

Regardless of what you’re doing. Don’t trust technology!

Obsessively Ctrl + S

20. Ironically, this is your best friend:

And you experience separation anxiety when you’re away from each other for too long.

Graphic designer's best friend

If you’ve had doubts about yourself before, now you know you’re just a designer at heart. This realization should encourage you to fulfil your dreams and continue pursuing a creative lifestyle. You never know where it will take you.

Creative souls are a gift to us all…

We make stuff happen

I’m a designer! Now what?

If you’re not a designer yet (but have just confirmed that you are one), take action! Immerse yourself in books, research, learn new skills. When you feel like you’re ready, join DesignContest! It’s a good place to start gaining valuable experience in design. Become a member of the designers community and start working on projects. Today! Why not? You’re one step away from being a professional, don’t let this opportunity slide.

If you are a designer and you’ve found this article amusing, share your thoughts and valuable advice to help those that want to be where you are right now. Leave your comments in the comments section below. Share your wisdom and words of encouragement.