Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks which is why any business promotion can benefit from it a lot. However, most people use their company’s Instagram accounts and aren’t aware of the most favorable features Instagram provides its users with. Some of these features can assist significantly in the business promotion. Instagram buffer is one of such features.

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Instagram buffer – what is that and how can it be used?

Buffer for Instagram is a special tool that helps you to plan and schedule Instagram posts. Thus, you optimize your Instagram account and improve the content you post there. What’s more important, the usage of Instagram buffer is quite simple and demands just three basic steps you should make in order to get it work.

Step 1. Plan your content

Before actually using the Buffer, you need to plan everything referring to your content, from the precise time it appears on Instagram to what exactly you want to post. In order to have it well-planned, you need to:

1. Go to your Buffer’s Analytics section

2. Choose the Posts tab

3. Sort your Instagram posts, starting from the most popular ones.

You can sort posts by the most popular, liked or commented ones. It means you will have a clear view on what causes the best reaction of your followers and provide them with similar posts. This will help you to reach the top of Instagram popularity.

Step 2. Get reminded of the time you need to post

People are creatures of habits. We like when we know what is going on and we like to wait for something. Thus, if your followers know you post creative logos every Wednesday at 5 p.m., they will get used to checking your account every Wednesday at 5 p.m. as well, for they will be waiting for this new doze of inspiration. The best thing about Instagram Buffer is that it also helps you to plan your posts and get reminded of them. All you need to do is:

1. Prepare stunning photos with Instagram hashtags and set the time you want them to get posted on your Instagram account

2. Receive notifications from Instagram Buffer up to the time these photos need to be posted

3. Select “Open notification in Instagram” – it will automatically bring you to your Instagram account

4. Make any final editions if needed and post the photo.

Step 3. Analyze the feedbacks

In order to understand whether such technique is working or not, use your Instagram Analytics. You’ll see that the activity of your account’s followers has grown a lot since you started planning everything in advance.

Step 4. Add additional perks

Hashtags, emoji and mentioning people through @, as well as adding some beneficial links, will automatically raise your posts’ perception. It will simply help people to understand that your Instagram account is highly optimized and interesting for them to follow. The only thing you need to be cautious about is that you can overuse these perks, which will distract people from concentrating on the idea you’d like to bring. That’s why, everything in moderation is the best motto for a professional Instagram account aimed at promoting your business.

Step 5. Make your content inspiring

This is a final chord of your Instagram’s optimization. Instagram Buffer helps your content to get scheduled and stands for your followers’ perception, but it cannot think instead of you. Therefore, inspiring content you post is a key to your success. If you manage to be different, captivating and incredible, along with the scheduled posts with all those hashtags, links etc. you can win much more followers than you could even imagine before. Post wise, post scheduled, post in a creative and fascinating way!

Have you ever used Buffer for Instagram? Share your experience with us!