Every now and again we like to sling an article your way that breaks the trend of what we typically talk about and discuss an area that might benefit you, should you be designing something very similar. Today, we’re looking at how to design a better web comic logo and how to work hard to create a badge that thoroughly nails the artwork and tone of the piece.

  1. Know the Material: Before you can do anything with your logo, you’re going to want to be sure that you absolutely know the material you’re working with from top to bottom. This does not mean casually glancing through a few of the pages. No, you quite seriously need to have a sit-down with the comic, getting an exact feel for what’s happening within the style and the story.
  2. Apply that Knowledge: Then, use that information to fashion up a rough sketch for the logo itself. Decide what on earth you think would fit the tone best, and then try to hack it out in a quick design. Take a look at the finished results. Do they look like something that could fit within the panel of any page in the comic? If not, then go back and try again, only much harder this time.
  3. Ask the Artist: Remember that, unlike a lot of different projects, you actually have an artist on hand that can help you with your designs. In fact, it’s rather like having a freebie. If you’re struggling to come up with a concept, or even the design itself, don’t be afraid to query the artist about what they’d like to see within the logo. More times than note, the artist will gladly serve up a few suggestions, or even some sketches to get you along your way. And don’t forget as well that they can also provide artwork to add to the logo, or any other designs that you might be creating during the course of the project. So all in all, keep an open mind and email inbox.