Are you a freelance designer? Perhaps we should rephrase that: Do you fluctuate between starving to death and working your butt off to make the bills? If so, Design Contest understand your pain. Freelance designing can be one of the most challenging occupations on the planet, and without the proper care, you may find your state of mental health rapidly in decline. However, you should know that most designers experience the same pitfalls as you, and there are ways to improve your situation when disaster strikes.

  1. The Design Doesn’t Work: This is the pits. You’ve sold a design concept to a client, but once you sit down to actually create the concept, you rapidly find it simply doesn’t work. Before you try to rehash and smash the thing into place, you should try calling the client. Let them know what’s going on, and that you’re working your hardest to correct it. Are they willing to pursue a different concept? If so, it might be best to ditch the terrible idea cold and try a new face. Otherwise, ask if it’s alright for you to extend the length of the project’s deadlines. Reducing your stress is key here and can save you a lot of pain.
  2. You Aren’t Making Enough: This is another sticky situation, and one many are all too familiar with. Are you looking at your monthly bills with a tear in your eye? If so, take the first step to satisfaction: Step back and evaluate your scenario. Are you working hard enough, or are your failings yours to improve on? If so, that’s not a bad thing! Being self-aware and working hard to correct bad (Facebook procrastinating) habits is a beautiful thing. If you are working to the fullest, perhaps you should break out of the box. Check around on the Internet for new jobs. Craig’s List is a great place to look for work. You never know if there’s a better gig out there waiting to be discovered, one that could possibly alleviate all of your stress. And when in doubt, take the time to smile! You create beautiful designs for a living, and though it can be rough at times, that’s still something to be proud of.