Today we’re going to be diving into a logo design concept that few of us will probably ever get to create. Still, there’s a lot to be learned beneath the bonnet of this beast, which means it’s about high time that we loosened the nuts and take a look inside. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today we’re going to be talking about auto design. More specifically, we’re going to be talking about what goes into an automaker’s logo that makes it truly spectacular. There’s a lot of history here, and a lot of really incredible designs by really incredible designers. So with that in mind, let’s go ahead and peel back the very first layer on this bad boy.

  1. Simplicity is King: As with a lot of really classic logos, design simplicity in an auto logo is usually the most crucial element in gaining brand recognition. After all, how many times have you looked at a car and appreciated a logo that was too busy or complex to remember or adequately interpret? Instead, we see a lot of classic logos that are simple, elegant lines and easily decipherable shapes, like Mercedes, Mercury, and Mazda. However, the simplicity of the BMW logo is also quite stunning. Even a brand like Porsche, with its strong emblazoned shield, is uncomplicated and easy to recognize. So , if in doubt, always remember that less is more when it comes to auto logo designs.
  2. Remember the Application: One of the most crucial factors involved with a maker logo is it’s wide visibility. You can literally see a major car logo hundreds of times a day. For instance,  think about all of the different places that you’re going to see a VW logo today. You’ll find it in magazines and newspapers, you’ll see it on the cars themselves, and you’ll even see it up on billboards and on TV advertisements at home. Again, with that simplicity in mind, an automaker’s logo must be beyond versatile. It must be immensely flexible to comfortably adapt to being visible in all these different place. It’s a bold order order, and the fact that any logo can be that successful is truly stunning.
  3. Boldness: Another reason we like auto logos so much has to do with their physical construction. They are bold, they are very well logical and reasoned, and they are visually striking. All of these are things we strive for in our own logos, and to see them represented so well and in such a masterful way is truly inspiring. So though you may not design for an automaker anytime soon, still take that boldness with you to into your own design concepts.