In a previous post we discussed a few of the most basic ways in which you can improve the look and efficiency of your online portfolio. We nailed a few solid, but general, methods for doing so, but we feel a specific area needs just a little more focus: Yes, we’re talking about the contact page. This is arguably the most important page out of any you’re going to be putting up on your site. Without it, customers cannot request your services, nor can they ask you questions about your rates. With that in mind, you should take the extra time to comb through our hints and tips below to find exactly how you can improve the efficaciousness of your contact page now.

  1. Make it Simple, Make it Safe: From the very get-go, you’re going to want to design your contact page so that it cannot be misused, and requests only the information you need to start a conversation with the potential client. You don’t need their life story at the very beginning. In fact, all you really need is a name, a way to get in touch with them, and the service they’re looking to acquire. With that, you can begin a more in-depth discussion via email. As such, make the contact form on your site as simple and as bare-bones as possible, that way you can maximize the amount of information you need on the front-end.
  2. Flow Toward the Goal: Let’s put it this way—you really only want people to use your contact page. Sure, a portfolio is a neat way to showcase all of the things you’ve done in the past, but if you don’t get the client to the contact page and into your realm of discussion, you’re not making any money. As such, try to make the flow of your website aim toward the contact page. Try to “land” the prospective client here however you can.
  3. Include Other Means of Contact: Sure, an email form will draw most of the attention you desire. However, we do come across the occasional curious client who wants to use something else. If you can, include a telephone number (Google Voice is a good alternative to the office) and some social networking options. However the client wants to reach you, they should be able to is our logic.