When it comes to graphic design, we sometimes feel like we’re constantly putting out the same sort of projects, using the same patterns, and applying the same fonts. However, there is an alternative, and it’s really quite simple: When you can, always look for cool or unique designs to create items that break out of the norm and allow you to experience a different side of design.  We’ve got a few of our choice picks that are guaranteed to add some much needed spice to your workflow.

1. Music Design: No, we do not mean you should go out and cut an album. However, the realm of music making does come with an hefty need for design, one you can capitalize on if you so desire. For instance, most bands tour around to make money and gain fans. During these tours, they usually hire designers to create gig posters, which are then printed and posted around town. If you’re willing, and can gain the connections, creating gig posters is a great way to flex some artistic muscle with your designs. They usually need to be eye-catching, and like album art, they need to say something about the music you’re representing. In other words, they’re a hoot and a half to create, and you’ll get paid well for doing it.
2. Package Design: This one is a bit harder to work with if you have no prior experience, but becoming a package designer (even just as a specialty) is a fantastic gig that we recommend to anyone. Usually, products that are shipped as a primary means of moving items need to be packed creatively, and with the least amount of material. To do so, most companies need to hire a designer to layout the construction. This means you. There are many cool companies out there producing incredible package designs, including Target, REI, etc. If you’re interested, and feel like you have the skills to accomplish the task, creating unique package designs is an art and a puzzle wrapped into one, and can be an energizing work experience.