In February, meet Sandra, a wonderful designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. You may know her as Babba, a great person who can surprise you with the witty answers and even more captivating designs.

It is hard to find the designer who will be more appreciated by the clients than Babba. Here are the testimonials that will speak louder than any other words:

The only designer I would EVER want to work with. Very prompt, great attention to detail and always willing to help! Amazing to work with, very patient and accommodating. Prompt responses and great design! Will definitely be my number 1 for my next project in the near future 🙂 - Asim Awan (Hanover Park, United States)

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Sandra is one of the best Designers I worked with during all my different contests on DC. I can highly recommend her to anybody who likes a quick response and a strong work ethic combined with great design skills….. - Jorg Christian Mohl (Mauritius)

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This is the second time Sandra – she is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. - Kristine Kirkconnell (George Town, Cayman Islands)

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Sandra, first and foremost, let me thank you for agreeing to answer my questions! 

Why have you chosen the nickname “Babba”? Is there any special story behind it?

There is no special story, but it is a memory of 2 special persons in my life – my passed grandmothers. “Baba” is a shorter version of Babushka, which means a grandmother. I just needed something short and simple, but still meaningful to me, also something easy  to remember to type in when logging on the site 🙂

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You have won lots of contests on DC. Do you remember the most challenging ones?

The most challenging one was the project for the menu design, which needed to be done in 2 days before the bar opening, with (later to be found) unfilled brief – client didn’t provide all the photos for hamburger dishes/combos in the menu, but asking me to recreate them. And I did it. I was upset but didn’t want to let the client down at that point. Here is the one example of it -  client had a photo of a certain burger dish, but not for the burger with bacon and cheese on top, so I had to “add a topping” and recreate the dish.

I have noticed that the most of challenging things for me when winning the logo contest, was matching the proper font in the finalization process. Few times I had to go through almost the entire font collection. It seemed like the more options I’d given, the more clients had got indecisive.

What is the worst thing for you when it comes to a logo design? And what is the easiest one?

Meeting own vision and understanding the brief with the client’s real expectations or his taste is a real challenge. In that sense, one of the worst things is when any of the parties failed the brief. We, designers, like to think it is our client’s fault. Usually, it is! LOL

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Another worst thing is being copied by fellow designers, lack of uniqueness and mediocrity.

I’ve almost forgotten one to add – a forced design or forced designing. Avoid this one!

I do not think there is the easiest thing in a logo design.

What are your ambitions in terms of a graphic design? What are you eager to achieve?

I am trying to learn as many tricks as I can in terms of tools and execution, visual effects and similar, and to always be better and on the top of the current trends since I am not an influencer. Making own portfolio and client list constantly stronger and staying in the business would be great. It is a struggle. My biggest fear in graphic design is becoming dead creatively. I do not think about any definitive achievement, but when working on projects my goal is to achieve something personally I would be proud of, not ashamed. Not always turn in this favor.  

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You have quite a few logo designs that are really bright, colorful, and differ from your competitors with their creative mood. However, nowadays people are most likely to use black-and-white or two-colored logos (mostly because they don’t know how to make multiple-colored logos look smooth). What is your secret?

I adore black & white or dark monochrome smart logos, but I enjoy more with vivid colors and multicolor designs. They are fun, but at the same time tricky, not to go over the top with their complexity, not knowing when to tune them down. I guess the secret is in the experience and the feeling, based on watching, exploring and admiring similar styles.

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In the end, it depends on the design concept, its application, and the business behind it… not all of them can work this way.

When did you start dealing with graphic design? Do you have any books, movies (or, perhaps, even people) who guided you through this process?

I was into the fashion and product design through my High School and University education, but since it involves graphic design, art history, marketing, plus my other professional background, my interest totally went to the graphic design. I make my living out of it now. That was never a part of the plan.

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My University was and still is my biggest source of knowledge, and a solid foundation for graphic design. Later on, I was guided and still am with various blog posts, websites, video tutorials, and, of course, incredible human talents. Many of them we have here on DesignContest, it is a long list really, but I must mention Lizonil, Operhal, GJR, and Hollander (I have a few more designers to add, but I cannot remember their names – forgive me) – I am more often impressed with their solutions, smartness, originality or beauty. Seeing such talents on DC and having them as fellow designers makes me proud, even I have no contribution to it at all. 🙂

You’re being too modest:) Do you like drawing? (I know a lot of talented designers who cannot draw on paper. Are you one of them?)

Hmmm, I don’t know such designers. 🙂 Drawing skill is not just how good you can draw something or be able to draw, but the ability to perceive things through your eyes and a hand you get with the drawing.

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I can draw really nice, and I like it. It is relaxing. However, I haven’t relaxed for quite a few years. 🙁

How you get down to work after being distracted?

As a freelancer in a home office and a mom at the same time, I am often being distracted and find myself disabled for a work, especially in a creative way or in a kind of delicate and detailed project, not to mention short deadlines. The focus is hugely important, so I try to choose the time to work when I can be isolated. There are many sleepless nights behind me.

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What is your advice to DC newbies?

Get the brief, learn, explore, push your limits, relax, enjoy, be original and DO NOT COPY!

What famous logos can you set as an example for others? Which logos designed by you do you adore the most?

Uh, there are many. For example, Olympic games, Playboy, WWF, Airbnb, F1, Nike…

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Logos I adore and I have designed on DC are:

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logo design ideas

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A bit more about you:

  • What is your favorite color? - I cannot discard any color.
  • Pizza or pasta? - Can I have both, with more slices of Pizza?
  • What song is the most played on your playlist? - Lately, I am stuck with Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont
  • What country would you like to visit the most and why? - I think Japan and Island would be very interesting, Japan for its culture, Island for unusual nature.
  • Coffee, tea, or, perhaps, even milk or juice? - Wait a second, where is the water?! 🙂

DesignContest is deeply thankful to Babba for all her efforts, endless imagination, and unbelievable talents everyone should strive for!