Twitter is fundamentally a worldwide, public forum with so much versatility that anything goes. Some people use it to announce what they’re up to, some use it to share inspirational quotes and thoughts, whilst many use it to promote their blog entries and photo journals. However, as much as it is used by individuals, it’s use for entrepreneurs and companies (of any size) increases every day.  In twitter-ish fashion, I have kept these advantages of using Twitter to enhance your business, brief:


Do searches for key words relating to your business and use hashtags to find people and communities who need your service. Follow then. Reply to their relevant comments and retweet their good posts – the ones that will be appreciated by your followers (and potential followers).

For local businesses, it is a great way to become an active part of the community. So, think about using light banter and keep it funny. Just make sure it will translate as a post and will come across as likeable not offensive.


If possible, help other people with their problems and share practical tips and advice. People love receiving inspirational quotes and good ways to make things better with their daily life. And if they appreciate it enough, they will retweet your comments which will catch the attention of more potential followers.

Again, try not to be too promotional and instead, endeavour to post original ideas about your industry as well as links to helpful articles.


Using this microblogging tool to the world is literally the quickest way to spread words, ideas and pictures. In the long term, it is one of the best way to gain brand identity online. To stop your twitter account looking like a long line of mini-adverts, share photos and highlights regarding  your product/service. Yet, make sure it’s entertaining and personal (and humanised), not promotional. For instance, a quirky picture of the refreshments laid out for a conference; or an employee hanging holiday decorations in your shop.

Yet, if you do want to get promotional – send out free coupons, special offers and news of sales. Just do it sparingly.


Remember that twitter will help build your relationship with clients, employers and possible stakeholders, so make sure you share useful, relevant information in a positive fashion. Don’t over-tweet, you’ll only seem a pest.

You can use twitter as a tool for enhancing brand identity and sustaining brand loyalty, by displaying your cores and values on a twitter account page that corresponds with your corporate visual identity including your strong logo and uniform corporate colours.