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Designer of the month – FullHeads – July 2015

Posted on August 18, 2015

Category: Chatting with designers

Designer of the month – FullHeads – July 2015

Today our designer is FullHeads. Meet great artist and creative website wizard! 🙂

DesignContest designer data

In your profile you have mentioned such skills as web design, illustration and branding, logo design. What is your favorite?

The challenge, the problem and solution, seeing your designs actually making benefit are my favorite things No matter what media it is. The most pleasant is to work when you believe in client. And the most favorite project is the one I am working on now, needs to be.

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What is the most important feature for website designer?

Identity/style and rational thinking I guess are the most important. In life as well (smiling).


Do you often hesitate designing something?

No, not really, main idea/emotion clicks in minutes. Then a work starting to materialize that idea.


How do you usually deal with endless requests for changes? Have you ever quit a project for that reason?

I just try to distract them from such ideas by designs I make (smiling) ..but sure, changes are inevitable and normal thing, Often leading event to a better designs. Just designers need to communicate with clients as clear as possible. Less words – more sense. Not to confuse client. Also If designer hesitates about his own work, the rule is client most likely will not feel confident about it as well.


Did you have some office job before being a freelancer?

Yes I did, In several agencies during studies and later on for several years.

Although, never liked whose winter mornings when you need to get up and drive to a work in the dark (smiling)


What design trends do you like most of all?

In general, trends come and go. Good design is good communication, bad design is miscommunication or no communication at all.

But sure in webdesign there is a general trend to go less, and I like this a lot! Really hated that 10years ago trend with bevel, rounds, shadows and other unnecessary gizmos, dark ages of webdesign for sure.


And what trends do you ignore and why?

I hope, I ignore copping (laughing)

design1 design2 design3

What are your sources of inspiration?

Everyday learn something new, that all you need for your kettle to boil.


Do you have design idols?

Philippe Starck is a man with identity and rational thinking. You will like him or really don’t like him. But you won’t be numb about a man. He is a respectable product designer AND rich personality human being with superb French attitude.

philippe starck designs Holly All, Serralunga 2008 philippe starck designs meet  Loulou Ghost, Kartell 2008

What would you advise to DesignContest newbies?

If you serious about this – be serious. The start is the hardest part, but it is with everything else as well. DesignContest is a great place to evolve, learn on-a-go and surely earn. Respect client, and yourself, act professionally and you seamlessly become one.

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