Our November designer is a great logo designer kwik from Indonesia. More than 4 years of experience working on DesignContest website made him one of the top designers here.


Why did you choose design?

The reason is simple – design is my passion.

You have been with DesignContest since 2012. What was the most memorable for you during these years?

The most memorable and exiting for me was my 3rd place in the list of DesignContest TOP-100 designers. I thought: “Wow! I am a man!”

Do you have some contests you liked most of all?

Yes, I really love one facebook cover design contest that I won. Because this contest was not my basic activity (my basic is logo design) and I won it having really good communication with the contest holder.

You are from Indonesia. Is it difficult sometimes to work with the clients from the countries with another culture and way of life?

I think yes,  sometimes too difficult to me. Different time, different language, different culture. But that is not a reason to stop doing what you love (smiling)! There is no success without difficulties.

What do you usually do to get inspired?

Playing with my son and viewing around my home for something to fix or to clean. The most important is to avoid the computer screen (laughing).


What do you usually read to learn more about design?

I read books on design, search some inspiration on Pinterest, sometimes visit designers’ blogs.

Have you ever had some projects where you were not the only one designer and you had to work in team? Was it stressful?

I have never worked as a team, but I think it would be fun to work in a team. But I assume there would be a little stress … who knows how friendly and professional those other guys are (smiling).

Do you have some design idols?

Not actually. But I like my own artworks (laughing) BIGDOG, Kekliq, CRMdragon. I used to search for some well known designers to find some inspiration.

What would be a challenge for you? I mean in design field…

My biggest challenge is finding  “out of the box” design… in every project I join. Sometimes it is very hard.

What would you say to DesignContest newbies?

Learn and keep learning… keep doing original designs… never give up and keep “Shodaqoh” (the power of giving).

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