Hey, meet Bartosz RadÅ‚owski, our Mr. October and a great and creative graphic designer at DesignContest 🙂


It’s hard to initially start your career as a designer with no experience. How can one overcome this difficulty?

At first, starting to work as a graphic designer is very hard. A novice graphic designer recommends you not to become discouraged and design so that in a year or two your projects will be appreciated.

How long have you been with DesignContest?

I think…3 years. My career in graphic design started at DC.

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Have you ever come across an artist’s block?

It happens every now and then. I don’t think its possible to avoid it, as an artist. 

How do you cope with it?

Work, work and continue working.

Can clients affect your work on a project?

Very much so. For example, demanding clients motivate me to work harder. 

Have you had a project that was really interesting, but you didn’t get along with the client? Did you continue your work or turn down the project?

I had a project where the brief was very interesting. However, when a client rejected my next project .. I stopped working.

What is your dream project?

Dream .. My project is a project for a very large company. For example, I would like to do logo design for SONY where the world would appreciate my work on this large scale.

Is there anything about graphic design that you feel like you don’t yet know, but would like to know more about?

I would like to learn more about photo manipulation in the context of graphic design, I dream to learn more and be good at it. I believe that I have a lot of depth to myself as a person and I think I would be able to show it through photo manipulations. 

What is your most memorable project with DC?

It was my first winning project “Dolcetto”. After I had won, I believed I truly am a graphic designer.

I know that your younger brother is also a DC designer. Does he often ask you for help or advice?

It is true, my brother is also a graphic designer. In fact, in a sense I forced him to do this work because he is my twin and I know that he has a lot of potential, creativity, and deep thinking. I wanted to show him a way to express his emotions. My brother sometimes asks me for advice, but it relies on the aesthetics of the work and the end result. I try not to interfere in the work too much.

Do you have any advice for newbies at DC?

Work, work, work and still work. After a while people will appreciate you and then embrace your great satisfaction.

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