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Top 15 Logo Trends Of 2015

Posted on June 17, 2015

Category: General

Top 15 Logo Trends Of 2015

Logo design plays a crucial role in any business. That is why you cannot afford to go wrong with the logo you choose to represent your business.

Throughout the years logo design has transformed tremendously. New and improved techniques are constantly being introduced to the field of art and design. Experts in their respective fields are coming up with new logo trends. Get inspired by these top 15 logo designs of 2015. 

But first, let’s see what features will have a great impact on the logo design industry this year.

Size + Flexibility

As our screens continue to get smaller, the digital world continues to be reduced to symbols and our communication becomes more dependant on icons. Logos are adapted to mobile screens, more flat and defined by mono-lines. 

We can’t avoid mentioning the development in the innovations of 3D printing, which has already taken the world by storm. 

Blend these two ideas together and get a cocktail for a motion logo that can be seen from every angle on devices of all sizes. 

So what is new in the field of logo design?

Dotted Lines

Mono-line trend moved one step forward by adding circles at each sharp tip. It almost brings me back to my childhood, playing connect dots.


Design by vberla


Design by creative99


Design by desanti


One-color symbols combined with gradation, contours, highlights and shadow that still look sophisticated and minimalistic.


Design by Yagura


Design by shurzo


Delicate linear logos give you space for imagination to expand and finish the picture. An elegant solution that is back in vogue.


Design by lizonil


A four-pointed star in the center of attention here, ladies and gentlemen! Let it shine, sparkle, twinkle and glow!


Designer and Gentleman for Miodrag Gajic; Tricia Hope Dugat :: Art Direction & Design for Luminare; Resource Branding & Design for Constellation; Gardner Design for PP.


Unpredictable, unexpected and untamed – these are the words that can describe the following designs. Seems like it has been created accidentally on purpose, won’t you say?


Design by QUANG


Design by lizonil


Is the mono-line technique approaching its end or entirely new trend is an entirely new trend appearing on the horizon? Whatever it is, do NOT color outside the lines!


Design by ReeyDesigns


Design by Babba


Design by Babba

Circle Break

Whatever comes to your mind when you see these logos, it is simply a perfect ring with colored parts, but how effective! The colors can represent anything you want, think symbolism here and let your imagination run wild.


Design by nandniluz


Design by cpgraphics


Design by soniadhariwal


What happens if you turn a triangle into a pixel?


Design by svedesign


Design by EcoDesigns


Using a photo for a logo design is not a brand new trend. Add a graphic component and you are good to go.


KW43 BRANDDESIGN for TRO GmbH; Principals Pty Ltd for Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust; Eder Saos for Dna Art Design Workshops; Muhina Design for LLC Standard


How do you create a glow and a sense of importance? That’s right! You draw an array of vectors emanating from a central point.


Design by lizonil


Design by CMurphy1005


Take a child’s drawing and turn it into a logo. Could it BE any easier?

21 22

Design by carolinawallace


Design by lizonil


Dots and dashes combined together to add a scientific touch.


Sean Heisler Design for The Activity Exchange; Hornall Anderson for Fred Hutch; Fixer Creative Co. for ComplianceWise; Focus Lab for Assembly

Chroma Coaster

It’s all about the color twisting and swerving to make a perfect 3D logo.


Yury Akulin | Logodiver for Lline; Brandberry for Nova Bank; Maria Grønlund for Metta; DixonBaxi for Freeview


Designers are resorting to whimsical patterns to add weight to their work. Cultural, industrial, or aesthetic values can now be shown in any logo.


Design by blumoon



Design by egner


Design by Buffy


One more technique that rises like a phoenix from the ashes – dimensional shadow. Give your logo a primary role on the page!


Design by sikdesigns



Design by sach

Browse 2014 graphic design trends here.

It’s time to renew your logo or start designing one if you haven’t yet!

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below. 

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