Creating a website or an app doesn’t seem a too hard thing to do. Mainly because software development companies along with freelance designers and developers seem to be everywhere. And yet, you can never be sure which designer you need, for there are so many of them.

What do designers do?

Designers bring beauty and happiness in our world, though they are far from being Santa Clause. They are responsible for the visual complementation of your product, dealing more with its interface than with the way it functions. However, if you think that all designers are tarred with the same brush, you’re awfully mistaking. Graphic, interactive or web (including UX/UI designers), motion graphics, animator, product and instructional designers: are you sure who will be most helpful for you? Let’s take a look to realize which designer you need the most.

Graphic designers

Need to create a brand identity for your product? What does this brand identity include? A logo design, letterheads, T-shirts, business cards, various marketing materials including flyers and poster designs, product packaging, illustrations, and presentations. Well, all these points can be included in the notion of a graphic design which means that a graphic designer is the only person who can save your day.

Graphic designers know better than anyone else how to make your advertising materials ready for printing. They are excellent at InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, the three design softwares that allow you to create modern design materials of the highest quality.

DesignContest recommends

Here are TOP 4 of our trusted graphic designers you’ll want to work with.

Lizonil has won 77 gold medals so far and has been a top graphic designer on DesignContest for as long as we can remember 🙂 .

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Operhal has won 76 gold medals so far and has been one of the most inspiring graphic designers on DesignContest. If you let her deal with your product design, you won’t recognize it afterwards.

product design flowers

flyer design illustration

stand up poster design

Nicolets has earned 64 gold medals so far and is that very kind of a graphic designer who knows all the secrets of typography for your logo design.

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animalistic logo design

Hollander has earned 82 gold medals which is the absolute record on DesignContest. You’ll be amazed with the level of creativity this graphic designer has.

red logo design

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medicine logo design

Interactive/ web designers

Web designers are those magicians responsible for the user’s interaction with your website or mobile app. They anticipate people’s reaction to every color, font, and button used. They should have some basic knowledge of front-end, iOS, and Android development to understand the principles of the way the applications and websites function. They need to see the pass that can connect users with an app or a website they design.

Within this category of designers, there are two types you’ve definitely heard of: UX and UI designers.

UX designers do their best to make their design as user friendly as it’s possible. The reason is that, according to UX design principles, design should be all about users and the ways to facilitate their interaction with a software or a website.

UI designers concentrate more on the way users take your product. It’s much more important for them to create a navigation for your website or software that will appeal to users the most.

However, due to the tendency in web design that appears nowadays, lots of designers should combine the UX and UI design skills to be able to come up with a perfect product design.

Interactive designers are involved in creating websites, landing pages, blogs, mobile apps, banner ads etc. In other words, they can design everything that can be connected with the digital world. Apart from being great at Adobe Creative Suite that includes Photoshop, Illustrator etc., interactive (or web) designers also deal with wireframing, prototyping, CSS, HTML etc.

DesignContest recommends

Here are our TOP 3 interactive/ web designers that will help you to create your software better than anyone else.

iNoesis is probably the first one that should be mentioned among the most skilled interactive web designers on DesignContest. Having earned 70 gold medals so far, this designer is totally worth everybody’s admiration.

landing page design

Glaxon has won 30 gold medals on DesignContest, dealing mostly with mobile app and landing page design. If you’re looking for a clean web design, launch a one-on-one contest with this designer.

landing page design

Cuttingadge has earned 11 gold medals creating landing pages on DesignContest. And that’s just in the beginning.

landing page design

Motion graphics designers

Need a video, a product demo, an animated presentation, or a storyboard? Those are exactly what motion graphics designers deal with. Their main weapon is Adobe creative pack, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Maya etc. And, of course, imagination.


Those guys are really hard to find. They can create spooky movie special effects, design a video game, or shoot animated films. Sounds interesting? Yet, it’s even more complicated than it might seem. If you even want to be considered as an animator, you need to manage 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender etc. And that, my friend, is only your initial to-do list.

Bottom Line

The world of designers is more unpredictable than you expected, isn’t it? It’s definitely hard to be guided there. DesignContest sincerely hopes this article will help you to understand this world a lil bit more.