It’s time to get ready for Halloween with these clever, fun and witty Halloween office decorations!

If you have discovered this article before your coworkers, you’re in luck. Not only will you be the one with all the creative Halloween ideas, you can also brag about your Halloween knowledge.

Halloween office decorations - bad costumes

The Story of Halloween

When you think of Halloween, you probably associate it with trick-or-treating, parades, other family-friendly activities. Halloween goes back 2,000 years, to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On The night before the celebrations, people believed that the dead returned as ghosts, so they left food and wine on their porches to keep the spirits at bay. They also wore masks and dressed up as in costumes so they would be mistaken for fellow ghosts. The Christian church turned Samhain to All Saint’s Day, or All Hallow’s in the 8th century. The night before this event, was called All Hallow’s eve which later became Halloween.


It was not until the 1950s that Halloween took on a family-friendly and kid centered tradition. Today, Halloween is the second most commercial holiday after Christmas. In the US alone, consumers spend around 6 billion on costumes and candy just for this one event.

That’s a bit of history for you. Lets  celebrate this unusual and culturally enriching holiday by getting into the holiday spirit!

Halloween Office Decoration Ideas

1. Halloween pumpkins for the office

First things first. You will be needing some pumpkins. Why? Pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween, and the tradition of carvings dates back to the Celts. On top of leaving food and wine on their doorsteps, they would also place carved pumpkins as a way to light the way to their homes for the spirits.

Simply pick some pumpkin faces and get working. Get everybody in the office involved!

Halloween office decorations - pumpkins

Once you have your pumpkins, really consider translating that holiday spirit in a more personalised manner. Encourage your coworkers to amp up their desks.

2. Halloween office lanterns

All you need for this crafty decoration is some paper and scissors.

Halloween office decorations - paper lanterns

3. Halloween office bats

If all else fails, resort to cutting out lots of bats and sticking them everywhere in your office.

Halloween office decorations - bats

I mean everywhere. Make your office into a bat cave!

Halloween office decorations - bats 3

4. Halloween office window decorations

Next, consider how the outsiders will judge your holiday spirit. Get some cardboard and start creating characters that inhabit  your office after hours:

Halloween office decorations - windows

Alternatively, illustrate what goes on in your office after hours:


5. Halloween ghosts

You simply can’t have an office Halloween spirit with no ghosts. 

Halloween office decorations - cheese cloth ghost

They’re really easy to make, see directions here. 

If you have any ambitious, creative souls in your office, you can aim for something a little more professional using the same technique:

Halloween office decorations - advanced ghosts

See directions here.

7. Halloween door decorations

Next, turn your door into a monster or the like.

Halloween office decorations - Jack Skellington Door Printable

You can purchase some spiders and get really creative by sticking them on doors, or simply scattering them all over the floor. 

Halloween office decorations - spiders

If time permits, make a giant ceiling spider to really set the mood.

Halloween office decorations - giant ceiling spider

8. Other office item decorations

If you succeed in making your door into a character, take it a step further and embellish other office items with the holiday spirit.

Halloween office decorations - monster trash can

9. Halloween gifts for coworkers

Do consider getting everyone a small token of appreciation on this quirky holiday.

Halloween office decorations - Skeleton Computer Toppers

10. Halloween office desk decorations

Your decorations can be kept at a minimal:


Or you can get really creative:

Halloween office decorations - desk

Halloween office decorations - cubicle decoration

Don’t hold back your artistic urges. Give the office a definite thematic feel. This can also be an office competition!

Halloween office decorations - cubicle decoration 3

Are there people that aren’t willing to decorate for Halloween? No problem, do it for them:

Halloween office decorations - spiderwebs


Take a break from your usual routine, and brainstorm for the occasion. Stay inspired and don’t forget that Halloween is a great opportunity to bring your creative forces together and have fun in the process. 

Forward this article and hint at the urgent need to start organising your office Halloween party. Alternatively, you can send it to your boss to remind him/her to shower you all with candy to really let you know what an important contribution you are to the workforce 🙂

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Happy Halloween from DesignContest