One of our favorite bits of advice is to open a design blog of your very own. We aren’t looking for competition, but a design blog can be a really advantageous way to advertise your work, establish a following, and keep your passions alive where designing is concerned. If you’ve been wondering about it yourself, we’ll be giving you a few of the questions you should be asking and more.

  1. Do You Have a Portfolio? First and foremost, starting a design blog when your freelancing business is literally just out of the gates is not typically a great idea. Why? Because you simply haven’t got anything to show for it, yet! Half the point of a design blog is to discuss elements that others will want to read about. The other half consists of showing off the designs and graphics you’ve produced. To do that, you’ll actually need to have a portfolio on hand. If you’re feeling underprepared, just wait a few weeks or months. Focus on getting clients some other way, then dive into the blogging aspect of the game.
  2. Have You Got a Passion? This is really a loaded question, but we’ll get there in just a second. Do you have, or do you have a desire to cultivate, a deep and lasting passion for the world of graphic design? What we mean is, have you really got anything to say? If you feel you do, then by all means! A graphic design blog will be the best possible outlet for your knowledge. If you don’t, though, you should keep some things in mind. Writing about design can be a great way to sharpen your sense of it, but it may be rough going at first. If you’re in this situation, be sure to read other blogs quite frequently, and to really think about what’s being said. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times, and remember to be a conduit for the best possible graphics.