Design Contest recommendationWhen new designers come to us looking for advice, one of the most popular questions is: What sort of materials do I need? One which we strongly suggest you look into is a pen tablet. If you hadn’t considered purchasing one before, or don’t know why you even should, then this blog post is perfect for you. But first, you might be wondering, what is a pen tablet?

To put it simply, pen tablets are input devices that plugin to your computer, acting as a sort of mouse to control what’s happening on the screen. However, rather than using laser trackers and clickers, a pen tablet uses a pen to control your software. You can press down on the tablet just as you would a sheet of paper: Most even come with pressure settings that allow you to create thicker or thinner strokes. It’s a unique way to handle your computer, and it comes with a lot of benefits. What are those benefits? Why, we’re glad you asked! You can check some of our favorites out below.

  1. Natural Control: If we asked you to sketch us a logo design, we have a feeling your first instinct would be to reach for a pen and paper. Why? Because this is how you’ve been drawing since you were a child. Back in primary school, you didn’t have a computer. You used crayons and paper to learn to draw. As such, a pen tablet is the perfect way to reinvigorate those old habits, and create a more natural, creative feel.
  2. Digital Illustration is Easier: You can accomplish a heck of a lot with only a mouse. However, for the finer, more artistic details like natural media brushes in Photoshop, you’ll need a pen tablet. With pressure settings, you can paint just as you would beyond the keyboard, but with all that messy glory contained on the screen. However, you’re going to need something other than a mouse to get the job done.