In a previous post we talked at length about some of the things you should avoid (with a capital A) in your next web design project. Indeed, we enjoy discussing web design project do’s and don’ts. So with that in mind, here’s our second take on the subject of web development. If you’re looking for ways to polish up, then you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Background Images, the Flashy Kind: We don’t care if you have a million dollar sponsorship from Nike (Okay, so maybe we would) do not put some kind of big, flashy advertisement in the background of your site. This is hideous, completely Old School, and downright tacky. Especially if the background of your site features some kind of animation, or worse, a video that plays incessantly. None of your readers want to see that garbage. And considering it’s not only easier but more profitable to use banner advertisements, we see no reason in the world to fowl up your design with sponsorship. Well, unless there’s literally a million dollars on the line . . .
  2. Include Social Media: This is something we see all of the time, and we’re not exactly sure why. If you’re creating a redesign for yourself or for a client, be sure to include custom icons pointing to your social media options. After all, you should have these already in place, and if you don’t link back to them, you’re losing a huge chunk of your possible readership. If you’re ashamed of the designs you’ve put up on either Twitter or Facebook, then get to redoing them, Soldier! You only live once, and now is the time to get to work.
  3. Add State Changes: No one likes a drab, static site. With that in mind, be sure to include lots of state changes for your viewers to click on and enjoy. This means rollover link changes, small animations, and other niceties that give your site a living, breathing look. However, try not to be flashy with these: Keep them tasteful.