Stickers aren’t just for little kids: They have a place in a multitude of projects, spanning everything from guerrilla marketing to mailing and packing slips. A sticker is a great way to say a lot in a small, customized package. If your project calls for something with an adhesive backing, this brilliant examples will help inspire you to stay on the right track.


This example of clever sticker uses exemplifies form and function. The sticker not only holds the box together, but it also takes the opportunity to say something about the company itself. By creating a piece that simultaneously enhances the design and thanks the customer for the purchasing the product, the designer has given the business a leg-up in the consumer’s mind. It’s clever use, and even offers a convenient way to provide extra information about the product.

Likewise, this photo shows what can be done in a tight space to accentuate a design. Again, the sticker simultaneously thanks the consumer for purchasing the product, while complimenting and improving the design of the packaging.

Don’t be afraid to use cultural cues in your designs. Take this blood donation sticker, for example. By taking something we’re all familiar with—blood pack stickers—and reworking them to create a new message, the designer has opened up an entire world of cultural awareness. Likewise, because the design draws from real life, it can be applied to anything with a similar color scheme as the original. What we mean is, anything that’s red really kicks the design into high gear. Again, it’s brilliant use of a small medium (a sticker) to create a larger whole.

Stickers can also create a theme on their own, as in this photo. The designer has given the boxes a retro suitcase look, almost entirely by using the stickers. A theme was chosen and stuck-to, and the designs rolled out of it, working to accentuate and reinforce the motif.

In your own projects, don’t be afraid to claim a style and stick with it. Stickers are small and applicable to almost any piece: Use that to your advantage to get truly creative with your designs. There’s no excuse not to let your imagination roll, so get out there and get sticky with it!