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Website Design Comic Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Website Design Comic Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

The comic named “How a website design goes straight to hell” has already gone viral, but it hasn’t become any less hilarious. A conflict of interests between designers and clients occurs more often than you’d think. This comic is about one of those awkward situations. We have previously published a manual on how to deal with a hard client and 28 graphic design terms every client should know to communicate an idea clearly.

The following comic was originally posted on The Oatmeal and today we share it with you in hopes of brightening up your day.

P.S. Thank God clients on DesignContest.com are the clients from heaven 😉

Website Design Comics 1

Website Design Comics 2

Website Design Comics 3

Website Design Comics 4

Website Design Comics 5

Website Design Comics 6

Website Design Comics 7

Website Design Comics 8

Website Design Comics 9


Featured image credit to Sok Hwee

Posted on June 10, 2015

Category: General, Inspiration, Tips, Truth facts, Web Design

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  • reenadkl

    True..so so true!!!! lol!

  • Sivash Persaud

    :'( Sad, but true…

  • http://www.makemystory.in Vicasso

    Hahaha.. exactly.

  • Alejandro Posso

    you describe my last work :O

  • serex

    haha! I’ve meet so many of them… Clients are funny people… expect the worst! lolz… :)

  • LeShie

    Because clients do not follow material design rules.

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