Named King of Web Standards by Business Week, Jeffrey Zeldman is one of the leading authorities on web design. If you are serious about being the best web designer you can be, this is the man to follow. Zeldman is first and foremost a web designer and in 1999 became founder of his own graphic design studio Happy Cog. He has also been blogging since May 1995 and is an author, podcaster and speaker on the subject. Designing with Web Standards is now on its Third Edition and very popular but if you don’t have time to read a long book on the best practices for web design, he has also written a book series called A Book Apart which offers very quick, informative guides on advanced elements of designing websites.

If you are not much of a book reader but still want to learn from this web guru, we recommend you tune in to his podcast, The Big Web Show which features a broad range of topics that are relevant to graphic design as well as web development, such as web publishing, content strategy, typography, CSS, HTML5 and User Experience Design. Even if you are not aiming to become the next big web designer of the decade, these sorts of material are helpful to find your bearings in the world of graphic design and know who to call on for help on your website projects.

Not only can we learn plenty from Jeffrey Zeldman’s material but he’s also an inspiration to any designer that wants to get their name out there. With all of his enthusiasm and love for all things web, he has contributed a lot to the way websites are not only designed but how they are developed. Members of his team at Happy Cog are responsible for “real type on the web” via CSS including the TypeKit service.